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Cake is always a good idea, and it was Sunday.  It is mama's cheat day, so I decided to make mousse cake, and not only your ordinary mousse cake, but the triple chocolate, eggless, Salmonella-free version.  I always see mousse cakes at famous bakeshops like Goldilocks and Red Ribbon.  They are quite pricey though for almost 350 to 570 and 340 and 540 respectively.  Making mousse cake is easy.  You can even do it with your kid as it requires no cooking, just mixing ingredients and waiting (the hardest part for me and kiddo).  Making your own mouse cake at home is also a form of bonding experience with your kids plus it costs way less compared to those sold at the cakeshops.


For this recipe, we will need the following :
* Two boxes of Fudgee Barr 100-calorie packs
(You can substitute this with any ready made chocolate cake.)
* Two cans of Angel's Cremsada
* Three packs of Ferna Gelatin
* One to tablespoons of Alaska condensed milk (according to taste)
*One box of all-purpose cream (not on the photo, sorry!)
* Approximately five to tablespoon's of Gardenia Chocolate spread (according to taste)
(You can also use Nutella.)
*  Six tablespoons of Hershey's or any brand of unsweetened cocoa powder
* A handful of chocolate kisses
*Hot water

*A container to place your cake (A springform pan would be ideal.)
*Spoon for measuring
*Mixing bowls


Four our triple chocolate mousse cake, we will have four layers.  A layer of chocolate crust, one layer of milk chocolate, a layer of dark chocolate, and the white cream on top.  For our chocolate crust, the first step is to take all the cake bars out of their packaging.  Then, all you have to do is them crumble into small pieces using your hand or a spoon.  Add four tablespoons (or more) of chocolate spread to make the cake sticky.  Mix really well.


After mixing the chocolate cake and the chocolate spread homogenously, were are ready to make the crust.  Get your container.  I am using a glass container as I do not have a springform pan available.  Place the mixture on your container and press it down.  Use your hands to form the crust.  Pat the mixture down firmly and evenly as possible.  Refrigerate the crust while we are making the layers of our cake.


For our layers, this one is really important, you have to have chilled cream or in my case, Kremsada.  Kremsada is different from other creams in the market (i.e., Nestle, Alaska, or Magnolia All-Purpose Cream) as it already has consdened milk mixed with it.  For this recipe, we will need one can of chilled Kremsada and one pack of gelatin PER LAYER.  Empty the contents of the can into a mixing bowl.  On a separate container, put 3 tablespoons of piping hot water and then slowly sprinkle the gelatin.  Mix with a spoon until all the gelatin is dissolved.


For our milk chocolate layer, we need one can of chilled Kremasada then add two to three tablespoons of cocoa powder.  Next, add the liquid gelatin mixture.  This will make our layer firm.

For our dark chocolate layer, we need a can of chilled Kremsada and about five to six tablespoons of cocoa powder.  We will then add our liquid gelatin then mix.  You can adjust the amount of chocolate according to your liking.

For our cream layer, we need one box of all-purpose cream and three tablespoons of condensed milk with again, one packet of gelatin mixed with hot water.


After preparing all three bowls,  all we have to do is whip the milk chocolate layer until it almost doubles in size and is free of lumps.   Once done, you can now get your crust and pour the milk chocolate layer.  Place it back inside the refrigerator to allow it to set.  Next, mix and whip the dark chocolate layer.  Once the milk chocolate layer is quite firm to touch, add the dark chocolate layer.  Put it back in the refrigerator while you whip the cream layer.  Once the dark chocolate layer sets, add the cream layer on top.


Place our triple chocolate mousse cake inside the refrigerator for at least four hours, overnight is always best, but once the cake sets, you can start enjoying your cake.  You can see above the result of our patience, because we did not put our chocolate mixtures while the one under it has not yet set, the result is pretty distinct layers.


For our final and last step, decorate!  Get your mini chocolate kisses and sprinkle them as you wish.  Alternatively, you can use chocolate sauce for the topping and swirl it around immediately after placing the cream layer to create a marbled effect or if you have a piping bag, you can pipe the cream layer and then add chocolate kisses or chocolate sprinkles.


Now all you do is have a slice (or two) and enjoy it with either coffee or tea.  I really loved how this recipe turned out.  I did not use gelatin before and I am glad I did this time.  It made the layers smooth and quite jiggly but firm and does not easily melt.  The layers are perfect, not too sweet and the combination of chocolate layers is so pretty.

What's your favorite dessert?  Please let me know in the comments down below :)


  1. Very well described recipe. .. I love cakes ��

  2. Geraline Batarra3 October 2018 at 10:48

    Wow, this recipe is so delicious and it's so easy to make. I will try to make this on this coming weekends for my kids.

  3. wow! the cake looks yummy and awesome... thanks for sharing the easy tips and recipe.. yummy!

  4. This is just delicious. I would love to try out this recipe. It is just wow.

  5. This looks so good and easy to make! Any ideas on how to make it vegan? :)

    1. maybe you can use coconut cream and what we call "gulaman" here in our country. it's like a seaweed-based gelatin or maybe soaked cashews blended to make the layers. as for the base, you can use dates and nuts.

  6. I never knew it was so easy to make chocolate mousse cake. It does look delicious, with so many layers of yummyness. I like how you've used Fudge Bars for the base.

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  14. The cake looks like sugar coma but I like it! I would love to eat it

  15. WOW... I can not wait to try this recipe!! Thank you so much!!


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